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YTV, MY MULTIMEDIA Co., Ltd. is one of the television channels which is going to release Free to Air with the system of DVB-T2. The co-operation agreement between Union of Myanmar, has been by 17th February 2018.

We applied with Expression of Interest (EOI) through the official tender dated on 22nd September 2016 from Ministry of Information, Myanmar Radio & Television Department. 44 Organizations has applied Expression of Interest (EOI) and as first step in winners’ list was 42. 29 Organizations has applied next to Request for Proposal (RFP) and on 11th April 2017 announced the achievement organizations including MY MULTIMEDIA Co., Ltd. which is Television Business Sector of Young Investment Group Co., Ltd. through 10 of initially list.



The aim of YTV, MY MULTIMEDIA Co., Ltd is to develop media sector, to cooperate and sustain the public sectors to get effectiveness of our country through Television channels to develop vacancies and human resources besides to entertain, to educate and to give information Public Services sectors.

We will emphasize and perform as Free to Air Channel to cooperate with related organizations for our Country and Public Development & Prosperous.

Currently presenting from Social Media and production will be releasing on 1th January 2019. The main concerned Entertainment, Business, Infotainment and Edutainment which would be perform in Television Channel.



As reaching out to audience of Television releasing through Social Media such as Facebook and Youtube, etc and will release through all Myanmar Television Network which could reach MRTV. We aim to present with Digital System based on Mobile.

YTV Television Channel bases on No. 886/ 888, Pyay Road, (9) miles, Mayangone Township, Yangon Division and is an information organization which registered as Myanmar Law of Company Act (Registration Number – 2014/ 2017-2018).

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Young Investment Group
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