Young Investment Group is a multi-industry, multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Myanmar. We have operations in Myanmar, China and Singapore and are now growing rapidly. We have built a strong base in Myanmar and are duly recognized as one of the fastest growing conglomerate in Myanmar.

Our Industries : Insurance, Finance/Underwriting, Telecom, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Trading, Hospitality, TV Broadcasting.


  • YIG was awarded Insurance License among 12 companies in 2012
  • The one among 9 companies licensed to operate both General and Life Insurance business
  • With the good track record and professional management



  • Operation of general as well as micro finance in Myanmar
  • Broad range of financial services and products including hire purchase loans, micro financing, general loans, SME financing, Hire Purchase, Mobile Banking and Infrastructure Financing



  • Agreement with Atom Myanmar Ltd. as a tower investment company in Myanmar
  • Installation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) across Myanmar
  • Construction of telecom towers and provision of tower rental services
  • Services providing to Atom, Ooredoo, MPT, MyTel, Ananda



  • Provide power and energy projects solutions and services in close collaboration with our reputable international industry partners
  • Supplier of surveying and logistics to the energy industry
  • Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise (MOGE) as a local partner of Pacific Hunt Energy Corporation
  • Supply of equipment and construction to Hydropower plants in Myanmar



  • Manufacturing plants in over three regions across Myanmar
  • Manufacturing units for agriculture machinery, cement and palm oil.



  • Infrastructure development and real estate development
  • Forefront of various projects including government’s multiple infrastructure projects, ministry housing projects, real estate development and civil engineering projects in Myanmar



  • Export quality jade and precious gems
  • Import automobiles, heavy machinery, construction equipment, electrical equipment and construction materials



  • Nirvana Hotel and Resort in Naypyitaw
  • Operation since 2014, Nirvana has been providing world class service and amenities with a recent cooperation with L’Opera Restaurant and Bar



  • Mining operations of precious stones, gold , minerals, Limestone and Coal in Myanmar
  • Best practices for environment management in mining
  • Significant seller at the Jade Emporium in Naypyitaw


TV Broadcasting

  • Official signing between Ministry of Information and YTV on February 17, 2018
  • Digital Free to Air Content Provider
  • DVB-T2 System
  • Participation in Multi Channel Play out