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The sharing of thoughts, ideas, and images, via the use of mobile phones, internet, and voip communication have become part of our daily lives that bring the global community closer. Given our country’s pressing needs for tele-density improvement and enhancements of country’s broadband represent an important mission and challenge for Y.I.G.

On that note, Y.I.G has made significant investments through appointment of international consultants and hiring of experienced engineers to join our “Young Telecom” team.

In collaboration with our foreign companies, vendor partners, and our network of worldwide telecommunication professionals, Y.I.G strives to achieve the following milestones:

  1. Play major role in building Myanmar Telecommunication infrastructure into a World Class standard
  2. Develop and Implement programs to increase capability of our resources
  3. Encouraging greater participation in the country’s telecom and ICT industry
  4. the digital gap between Myanmar and rest of ASEAN countries
  5. Narrowing Making ICT services available for every Myanmar citizen especially in the rural communities

Some of our notable IT and Telecom services include:

  • Surveying and frequency Scanning services
  • Planning and Designing of wireless networks
  • Supply of Transmission technologies and solutions
  • Implementation country’s nationwide transmission networks
  • Installation of country’s BTS deployment
  • Providing installation and commissioning course for young engineers
  • Civil construction of Sites and Tower erection services
  • Project Management from inception to closing
  • Warehousing and logistics management
  • Customer support services to adhere to SLA compliance
Young Investment Group
Young Investment Group